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What to Expect

Whenever we meet, we are full of expectation! We are eager not only to learn more about God but to always have a fresh encounter with Him.

Jesus said that Christians would be recognised by their love for one another. We believe that by being together and doing things together, we can build a vibrant community in which love is evident. We have various community happenings and get-togethers arranged weekly, monthly and at intervals during the course of the year. These meetings are used for times of teaching, for times of fellowship and prayer, and for times of fun as we relax, enjoy life and eat together.



Our Sunday services take place every Sunday at 10:30 and we have an evening service on every first Sunday of the month at 18:30 in our meeting hall on the 1st floor.

Our children’s ministry takes place after the worship time in the mornings on the 2nd floor. For the evening service there is no kids ministry.

The Sunday morning prayer starts at 10:00 and you’re welcome to join us.


We meet at Waldmeisterstraße 99, 80935 München. This is in the north of Munich in Lerchenau, not too far from the Olympiapark, BMW Welt and Olympia Einkaufzentrum.

How to find us.

Praise & Worship

God is spirit, and His worshippers must worship in spirit and in truth.“ John 4:24IMG_0644-1024x682

We know that true worshippers are passionate about the King, their hearts are stirred and their spirits moved to give themselves completely to worship the Lord and to bring others with them into His presence.

We believe that Spirit led praise and worship helps us to lift our eyes to Jesus. Through our worship we want to express our love and the overwhelming joy of knowing Him. We want to praise Him with all our strength – with all we have got ! It’s all about Him and He is worth it.

 Mothers & Babies

IMG_0659We have a lovely, big, sunny room for parents and babies. Parents can watch and listen to the service on the TV screen, while attending to their babies. There are facilities for feeding and changing, toys for babies and toddlers, and a coffee and tea area for the parents.

If you are keen to meet other parents with babies, it’s a good place to fellowship together and make friends. If you like us to introduce you to other parents with babies please contact us.

The Café

Located on the ground floor of our building is a wonderfully decorated and equipped café. It is a popular meeting place after the service, where one can chat to friends in relaxed surroundings and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea or a cold drink. Eats are usually also available, e.g. cakes and biscuits, snacks or light lunch. The café team will make you feel welcome and well served.


Can I bring my children?

Of course. You are more than welcome to bring children of all ages. 

How long does the service last?

The service starts at 10:30 am and usually finishes between 12:00 and 12:30 depending on how much ministry time we need. But please feel welcome to plan some more time to join us for a cup of coffee or a warm meal in the cafe afterwards. 

Do you have a dress code?

No you are welcome to dress comfortable (obviously not too revealing) but we do not dress formal.

In what language is the service?

The whole service is translated into both German and English, so if you speak any of those two languages you will be able to understand everything. We sing a combination of English and German songs with the lyrics mostly translated on the big screen.  

Any other questions?

You are more than welcome to contact us any time and we would love to answer any other questions you have.

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