Jesus the Way

Who are we?

Jesus the Way is a Christian community church in Munich, Feldmoching/Lerchenau.

“Jesus The Way” – Vision

To love and honour God, to love people and to be a blessing to Munich, Bavaria and the Nations.

To love and honour God,

  • by worshipping Him in freedom and joy;
  • by fulfilling His purpose in our lives;
  • by living as new creations: forgiven, healed and free,

… to love people

  • by proclaiming Jesus, His grace and salvation;
  • by ministering healing, deliverance and freedom;
  • by building one another up in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and

… to be a blessing to Munich, Bavaria and the Nations.

  • through prayer, prophecy and proclamation;
  • through practical service;
  • through extravagant generosity.

Who are we?

We are …


People that honour God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit; and one another.


Living out authentic relationships with God through Jesus.  We work and have fun together.  We support one another.


Enthusiastic about following Jesus and lovers of His presence.


People with our lives anchored in Jesus, our cornerstone.


Intentional about doing God’s work that He has prepared for us and is preparing us to do.


A household of all ages, personalities and gifts, from many nations, tribes and languages.


Modern and relevant, holding to Biblical values.


Strengthening communities and other local churches.

Gifted people

Helping people discover, walk in and use their God given gifts and talents.

World Changers

Living with the Holy Spirit in us, wanting to see the world around us change.


Receiving from God, so that we can give to others.



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Our Team

Rob and Bridget Forbes (Lead Elder and Pastor)

Rob & Bridget have recently taken over the leadership of Jesus the Way Church, Munich.  They lived in Mongolia for 14 years, where they were engaged in church planting. For five years, they were based in Dresden, Germany, and travelled extensively to strengthen and encourage churches in Europe and Asia. They have two children.

Dietmar and Jeanette Beyer (Elder)

Dietmar and Jeanette have two daughters. Dietmar is a self employed business man and also works for the Christian Radio Munich as host and editor. Jeanette works half day and leads the women’s meetings together with Veda. Together they lead a home group in Munich-Bogenhausen.

Hamman and Mirelle de Vaal (Elder)

Hamman and Mirelle are married and live in the Munich city centre. Hamman is currently doing his PhD at the TU München and leads the worship ministry at “Jesus the Way”. Mirelle teaches business English and also does Marketing consulting.

Our model of church leadership

As a church we would like to conform to the model of leaderhip which we can read about in the Bibel, particularly in the New Testament.

  • Local Christian churches are lead by elders. (Acts 20:28, 1. Peter 1:2)
  • Elders are men who display the characteristics displayed in the New Testament. (1. Tim. 3:1-7, Titus 1:5-9)
  • Elders are men who are ordained to lead, love and serve the believers. (Acts 20:17-38, 1. Peter 5:1-4)
  • Deacons are appointed by the elders and the church to assist them in this God-given ministry. (Philippians 1:1, Acts 6, 1. Tim. 3)

Our Finances

Jesus der Weg e.V. is a non-denominational christian fellowship in Munich, whose main vision is to spread the gospel and to lead people into a closer relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. We also support projects and assist the needy in Munich, as well as in other countries through missionaries or other known projects. All of these projects are based on Christian principles.

The church activities are entirely funded by tithes, gifts and offerings from church members.

We want to be faithful to God’s Word and prudent with every financial expense. God is the provider of all we need and we want to be good stewards of His provision for us. Our lifestyle should reflect God`s generosity, compassion and faithfulness in every aspect, including our finances.

Jesus der Weg e.V. is a registered charitable organisation and donors can receive a receipt for donations, which are tax beneficial. Up to 20% of the gross income is tax-deductible in respect of donations to charitable organisations. We do, however, require the name and address of the donor in order to issue the tax certificates at the end of the year.

Bank details:

Jesus der Weg e.V.
Bank name: Evangelische Kreditgenossenschaft
IBAN: DE06520604100000294292

Please include your name and the purpose of payment in the reference!